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WakeCap Tech

WakeCap provides a real-time location service (RTLS) IoT platform designed specifically for the construction industry. We connect workers and job sites to improve labor safety and productivity. WakeCa

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WakeCap makes use of a Wirepas low energy bluetooth mesh network, which works in combination with integrated sensors attached to the construction helmets. These sensors are able to extract data that pertain to the safety and productivity of the workers, which include attendance, activity, live-location and common accidents. Accidents like, free fall, head impact, panic button send an SOS.

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Hassan Albalawi


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WakeCap Solution

WakeCap is a safety & tracking device integrated with construction helmets to provide project managers with real-time, cloud-based visibility into their workers’ attendance, live-location and accident

  • Temperature sensor
  • Accelometer sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Button
  • Other sensors and actuators
  • Battery operated