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Wirepas is deployed in significant volumes by 50 utilities in Nordic countries. Wirepas is a connectivity solution designed for large scale deployments, requiring highest reliability and lowest lifetime cost.

Compared to other available connectivity solutions on the market, Wirepas has a couple of major advantages. Firstly, all devices operate in single large networks, without a need for subnets. Secondly, Wirepas is a software based solution, which means that a licensee purchases an off-the-shelf radio component EFR32 directly from SiliconLabs or other distributor. This allows high level hardware integration and lowers the bill of material cost. Thirdly, Wirepas has created a partner ecosystem of companies, which can speed up software development, hardware design and antenna design.


Reliable and secure connectivity

Connectivity with over 99,9% SLA, which is field proven by our installation of 700 000 smart electricity meters in a single network. Wirepas Mesh offers real-time two-way communication to collect meter data and control meters on/off remotely.

Both network signaling and data security is secured with industry standard AES128 encryption.

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Most affordable

Wirepas runs on off-the-shelf EFR32 sub gigahertz radio, which can be purchased directly from Silicon Labs. SOC allows the highest integration level of Network Interface Card (NIC). There is no need for additional PA, since EFR32 delivers 19dBm transmit power. There is no need for separate MCU for the application, since EFR32 is powerful enough to run both the Wirepas stack and application in same single processor.

Radio chip

Software based

Wirepas software protocol is pre-integrated on Silicon Labs EFR32 radio component. The licensee needs to implement their own metering application to define data reading intervals from DLMS meter. Wirepas provides a software development kit (SDK) to develop the application on a NIC card. The Wirepas SDK allows to have a single MCU design which means that the application runs on same processor as the Wirepas.



Over the air software update

Wirepas Mesh has built-in support for very effective and reliable over the air (OTA) software update, which allows customers to update both firmware and application software. Wirepas Mesh provides simple an API on gateway-level to run the OTA process. Additionally, it is possible to use the Wirepas Network Tool (WNT) to manage the updates.



With Wirepas Mesh, up to 4 billion devices can operate in the same network, without any subnets. The network has multiple gateways transmitting the data to the cloud. The typical ratio is one gateway per 1000 smart meters for the 15min data reading, but this might vary depending on the additional data loads. Thanks to simple one network structure, there is no need for network planning or active network management.




Any party can license the Wirepas Mesh stack and implement it in their own smart meter solution. Wirepas grants the interoperability in the connectivity layer. Gateway implementation is open sourced and can be easily integrated to any Head End systems. All the gateways can support IPv4 or IPv6. Wirepas supports powerful Over the Air (OTA)-update capability, which enables reliable firmware and application software updates.