Grow your smart metering infrastructure in quality – not in cost

Wirepas Mesh offers a proven and solid way to benefit from low cost mesh without experiencing the well-known downsides.

Proven performance for smart metering

Smart metering faces many challenges from planning phase to full deployment. The communication solution has a major impact on the overall profitability.

Wirepas Mesh frees utility companies from many risks associated with the choice of the best communication infrastructure for smart metering rollouts. Providing excellent and proven KPI for performance in the field while the investment in infrastructure remain at the lowest level.

Using any off-the-shelf sub-GHZ Radio, Wirepas complies with regional regulations on using license free ISM bands. Utilities free themselves from most recurrent cost and remain in full control of a highly scalable communications network.

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Features and benefits

Proven success of 700.000 Meters in one Mesh

  • Use of regional specific sub-GHZ band in free spectrum reduces OpEx
  • Density in cabinets and rough environments in basements are not harming the service levels
  • Easy installation with very low cleaning rates proven
  • Ratio between WAN connected meters and meters with Wirepas Mesh only is very low
  • Proven service level of 99.9% data delivery of 15 minutes
  • Secure Firmware upgrade mechanism included (OTA features)
  • Interoperability on System level guaranteed
  • Easy integration of multi-utility metering in same infrastructure (e.g. Gas or water meter in low power mode)
  • Expansion to other public service areas possible (e.g. waste bin management or street lighting)
  • Capturing of legacy wireless MBUS signals possible (ask for required conditions)

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