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What is the Wirepas Positioning Engine?

The Positioning Engine is a software library that takes input of the predefined anchor coordinates (reference points) and as an output provides asset coordinates (latitude, longitude). The customer can integrate it in their own back-end and run it on their own cloud or private server.

The deliverables will also include a fully functional tag reference firmware that can be further customized by the customer or used directly in production. It is delivered as source code.   For a gateway there will be a reference implementation, also delivered as source code.

The package will also include deployment and system performance analysis tool and the following documentation:

  • Position engine integration document
  • Tag application note
  • Tools user manual
  • Release notes
  • Testing report

How to get the most out of the engine?

Once you have decided to track your assets by using Wirepas Mesh, the question of how to drive the location of the data the network has collected, Wirepas position engine is one option.

Wirepas wants to provide you with a ready-made solution, that is easy to use and designed specifically to support the Wirepas Mesh way to collect data.

Watch this video to see how the location collection happens:

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